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At UNSW Sydney, we are known for our innovative culture and pioneering research. We are committed to preparing students for career and personal success with a blend of theory and practical work, leveraging our strong links to industry, government and the community.

Situated in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, UNSW is within easy reach of the city’s most popular beaches and the city centre. We currently have over 52,000 students enrolled including 14,000 international students from more than 120 countries.

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  • The Quad during O-week. Photo credit: UNSW

    The Quad during O-week. Photo credit: UNSW

  • The UNSW campus. Photo credit: UNSW

    The UNSW campus. Photo credit: UNSW

  • Study and relaxation areas around campus. Photo credit: UNSW

    Study and relaxation areas around campus. Photo credit: UNSW

  • In the library at UNSW. Photo credit: UNSW

    In the library at UNSW. Photo credit: UNSW

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These are some independent highlights about UNSW that we are proud of:

  • UNSW is currently ranked 48 in the world overall (QS World University Rankings 2015) with leading faculty and subject rankings in business, law, science, technology, engineering, built environment and architecture and social sciences. We are also home to one of Australia’s best art and design schools.
  • We are a preferred university among employers, ranked 21 in the world for employer reputation (QS World University Rankings 2015)
  • A 2015 LinkedIn study showed Australia’s 30 most in-demand employers choose graduates from UNSW more than those from any other university
  • We have educated more CEOs of Australia’s top 50 companies and have more millionaires among our alumni than any other university in Australia (Leading Company 2012, Spear’s Wealth Insight 2014)
  • We are regarded as Australia’s most innovative university (Thomson Reuters Citation and Innovation Award 2012)
  • We have produced more technology entrepreneurs over the past 15 years than any other Australian university (CrunchBase 2013)
  • We received the highest level of research funding in 2015 among Australian universities (Australian Research Council)

Become the hottest global prospect

At UNSW, we ensure you gain a valuable combination of theory and practice in your degree. Our teaching quality is high and our staff connect you with industry professionals to help you get that competitive edge in the global job market. Our alumni community is 250,000 strong with graduates living in over 140 countries and working for some of the biggest companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Accenture, Rio Tinto and BP.

Join a culture of innovation

At UNSW, our links to industry, government and the community are unrivalled. We focus on transforming research discoveries into successful innovations to benefit society, the economy and future generations. We conduct research across a range of areas but we invest considerable resources in areas where we believe we can make a difference. UNSW is an acknowledged world leader in photovoltaics, HIV/AIDS research and quantum computing. Our other research strengths include biomedical sciences; water, environment and sustainability; next-generation materials and technologies; social, government and health policy; information and communications technology, robotics and devices; and business, law and economics.

Take advantage of our world-class facilities

We offer a number of pioneering spaces on campus. We are set to launch the A$45 million Michael Crouch Innovation Centre in September 2015, our new home for student innovation and entrepreneurship. Our recently developed A$58 million UNSW Art & Design campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities including a network of student-led and museum-standard galleries, world-class media production and design studios and flexible study zones. Our Tyree Energy Technologies Building is one of Australia’s few six-star green rated buildings and is the headquarters for all energy related research at UNSW Australia.

Get a degree that will be recognised internationally

We are a member of the prestigious Universitas 21 network, the Group of Eight (Australia), the Association of Pacific Rim Universities and the Global Alliance of Technological Universities, where we were the only Australian university partner selected to join.

Live in the best student city in Australia

Boasting an enviable lifestyle like no other with a high quality of living and an excellent student mix, Sydney is ranked the top city in Australia and fourth in the world in the QS Best Student Cities 2015 list for international students. Students in our beautiful harbour-side city have access to iconic beaches, world renowned architecture and vibrant subcultures.

Programmes and study areas

We offer over 900 academic degrees across nine faculties including graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctoral programmes. Our degrees are offered through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Built Environment; UNSW Business School; UNSW Art & Design; Engineering; Law; Medicine; Science and UNSW Canberra.

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