What courses are available at universities in Australia?

There are a huge range of course and subjects that you can study at university in Australia. Almost any subject that you can study in the UK will be available at the universities in Australia. Below are just a few examples of what subjects will be offered through different university faculties and schools. Please note that not all universities will have the same faculties, or they may have slightly different names.


Faculty of Arts

Anthropology, ancient history, Asian studies, Australian studies, Australian Indigenous studies, Australian art, applied Japanese linguistics, behavioural studies, bioethics, child and youth development, Chinese studies, classical studies, communications and media studies, community studies, comparative cultures, comparative literature and cultural studies, criminal justice and criminology, climate change and society, counter-terrorism studies, creative writing, drama and theatre studies, English, European studies, film and television studies, French studies, geography and environmental science, environment and sustainability, German, gender studies, Hebrew, history, human rights theory, human services management, Indonesian studies, international studies, Italian studies, Islamic studies, Japanese studies, Jewish civilisation, journalism, Korean studies, linguistics, modern Greek, music, performance, philosophy, politics, psychological studies, religion and theology, Russian studies, sociology, Spanish and Latin, American studies, visual culture (including film & TV), womens studies, writing.

Faculty of Business

Accounting, business economic, business law, business strategy and economic management, Chinese studies, finance, financial economics, human resource management, information systems and information technology, international business, management, marketing, taxation.

Faculty of Design

Art, architecture, animation, built environment, ceramics, creative arts, fashion, film and digital art, games design, interactive and digital media, interior design, jewellery, naval architecture, object arts and design, painting, photography, print media, sculpture, textiles, visual arts and crafts.

Faculty of Engineering

Aerospace engineering, bioinformatics, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, geoinformation systems, industrial chemistry, manufacturing engineering and management, mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, photovoltaics and solar energy, renewable energy engineering,  surveying; telecommunications.

Faculty of Health Sciences

Anatomy & human biology, biomedical science, dentistry, exercise & health, genetics, microbiology & immunology, medicine, midwifery, neuropsychology & cognitive science, neuroscience, oral health, pathology & laboratory medicine, pharmacology, physiology, physiotherapy, population health, radiography, sport science.

Faculty of Information Technology

Applications development, bioinformatics, business systems, computational mathematics, computer systems, computer science, database systems and network computing, embedded systems, enterprise information systems, games graphics and digital media, information technology, computer security, software engineering and systems.

Faculty of Science

Astronomy and astrophysics, biological anthropology, cell and molecular biology, chemistry, climate science and policy, earth and environmental science, ecology and evolution, environmental geoscience, environmental modelling, forest science, genetics, geography, geology, geophysics, global change science, human ecology, immunology and microbiology, marine science, material science, mathematical economics, mathematical finance, mathematical physics, mathematics, mathematics and statistics, natural resource management, neuroscience, physics, physiology, plant science, psychology, statistics, sustainability science, theoretical physics, water science and policy, zoology.

Please note: Not all courses are available in each university in Australia. This list is not complete – it is intended as a guide only - and changes frequently. For up to date information on the courses available, please contact the university via their profile page, or get in touch with their UK representative.

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