Caroline Steinholtz (Sweden)

Studying Bachelor of Media (Communication and Journalism) at UNSW

“I chose UNSW because I could combine theatre and journalism. I have always been a performer and this was the only university in Sydney where you could combine the two. My degree should stand me in good stead to fulfil my dream of being an actress or television presenter.

“I lived in Australia as a backpacker a few years ago and fell in love with the country. Australians have a social lifestyle and they are very active. If you want to combine lifestyle with studies that you’re passionate about, this is a great place to come. 

“I arrived here at age 25 to study the Bachelor of Media, majoring in communications and journalism. My minor was theatre and performance studies.

“One amazing experience was when I completed a 100-hour internship in the publicity department of the publisher Random House. They really made me feel like I was a valuable member of the team. They taught me how to write a proper press release, and I regularly updated their website as well as their database with media contacts.

“The internship enabled me to gain some practical experience in the media industry, to be a part of it and realise how everything is tied together in the media world.

“Sydney is a very thriving city and there are so many prominent people working in journalism and theatre, so it’s a good space to put yourself out there and get good contacts.”