What do I need to apply to university?

There are certain documents that you must provide when you apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate course in Australia or New Zealand.

All documents that you provide with your application must be certified true copies of the original documents. It is not recommended that you send original documents to the universities, as they are often unable to return them. UK representatives can certify all your academic documents free of charge. If the institution that you want to apply to does not have a UK representative then you should contact the institution directly to ask them who can certify your documents. This can usually be done by a lawyer or justice of the peace in the UK.

1. Completed application form

Each university has its own application form so you will first need to fill this out. You can obtain these application forms through the UK representative, or from the International Student Admissions office.

2. Academic documents

If you want to apply for an undergraduate degree, you will need to provide your original GCSE and AS certificates or equivalent. If you are applying before you have completed your final exams then you will also need to provide an official letter from your school or college stating what you are predicted to achieve in these. If you are applying with your final results then you will need to provide your original exam certificates.

If you are applying for a postgraduate coursework programme before you have completed your undergraduate degree, you will need to provide up to date transcripts. A transcript is an official document from your current university stating what modules you have taken during your degree and the marks that you got for each. You should also make sure that the transcripts contain an explanation of the university’s grading system. If they do not then you will need to provide this separately. If you are applying after you have completed your undergraduate degree, you will need to provide your original transcripts and your original degree completion certificate.

3. Copy of passport

For applications to both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programmes you will need to provide a photocopy of the picture page of your passport. This does not have to be certified.

4. Personal statement/CV

A personal statement is not compulsory for making an application to a university but it is recommended you include one as it gives you the opportunity to express to the admissions team why you would like to be considered for the programme, and also to highlight any achievements outside of academia. For postgraduate applications, it is a good idea to include an up to date CV.

5. Additional tests and requirements

The vast majority of undergraduate and postgraduate courses do not require additional tests of any kind. The main exception to this is if you are applying for undergraduate or graduate entry medicine and dentistry programmes. The majority of these will require you to sit an admissions test. You can contact the UK representative of the institution to find out more about the admissions requirements for specific degrees.

If you are applying for a creative programme such as fine art or music performance you may be required to submit a portfolio of work. Again the UK representative of the university can give you further information on this. If there is not a representative in the UK, the International Student Admissions Office will be able to provide you with further information.

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