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This month's subject focus looks at the variety of Bachelor of Science degrees available in Australia and New Zealand. There are many different areas of science, usually grouped into formal sciences (mathematics, statistics etc); physical sciences; life sciences; social sciences and earth and space sciences. At undergraduate level, most of these science subjects are studied within the Bachelor of Science.

Nurses are critical to the success of any healthcare system and Australian and New Zealand-trained nurses are much in demand all over the world. At undergraduate level, the Bachelor of Nursing is a three-year professional degree that will qualify you as a General Registered Nurse. As this term suggests, the focus is on producing graduates with a strong academic and practical ability in all areas of nursing. If you wish to specialise in a particular area – for example paediatric, mental health, oncology or emergency nursing – you would do so at postgraduate level.

Medicine programmes in Australia offer professional qualifications that have excellent reputations as some of the strongest and most rigorous training programmes in the world.  Study Options' subject focus in February focuses on some of the medicine programmes that are available and explains the different degree pathway options, which include applying directly to an undergraduate MBBS, an undergraduate pathway degree or applying for graduate entry into a medical programme.

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Engineering in Australia is a booming industry, from mining to infrastructure, bioengineering to deep sea, there is so much going on.  Which makes it one of the best places in the world to study the subject, and get some valuable work experience in the process.

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, offers world-class education, excellent infrastructure and natural beauty.

A cosmopolitan city of 1.8 million people, every year more and more students are discovering why Perth is the ideal place to study.  Its appeal is based on the excellence, diversity and affordability of education, with opportunities for quality learning and research that range from specialized schools and vocational training, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.