Accommodation at Australian universities

If you decide to go and study at university in Australia there are a number of different accommodation options to consider. 

Many of the universities offer various forms of on-campus accommodation, such as halls of residence, university-managed apartments and residential colleges.

Residential colleges are usually on the university campuses and whilst they are affiliated with the universities they are managed and run independently. These colleges are usually quite small in numbers and tend to offer lots of recreational groups and pastoral support. So there may be academic support and study groups within the college as well as sports and musical groups. The vast majority of residential colleges are catered.

Halls of residence are run by the universities and offer a wide range of options. For example, students can chose to live in a shared flat with a communal kitchen or they could chose to have their own separate room with a kitchenette and private bathroom. There will generally be a range of catered and self-catered options.  

It is important to note that whilst there is the option of living in university accommodation, often there is not the same amount of student accommodation as there would be here in the UK and therefore it is important to explore the options as soon as possible. 

Many students also chose to live off-campus in privately rented apartments and houses. On-campus accommodation tends to be dominated by undergraduate students so many postgraduate students chose this option. The universities have accommodation services that can assist you in recommending which suburbs fit your price range and are near to the campus. If you wish to go into private housing it is a good idea not to commit to a contract or rental agreement until you get to the city and you can go and see the property in person. For this reason it is recommended that you arrive a few weeks before the commencement of classes.

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