About Study Options

  • Study Options is a free advice and application service for students

    Study Options is a free advice and application service for students

Study Options is the organisation that handles applications to Australian and New Zealand universities, and we’re here to make life easier for students.

Study Options is a free, expert, independent service for anyone looking to study in Australia and New Zealand. We are the official representative of Australian and New Zealand universities in the UK and Ireland, and are here to ensure the process of applying to those universities is as stress-free and straightforward as possible for you. Study Options is the only organisation in the UK that focuses exclusively on Australian and New Zealand education. Hundreds of UK students apply to Australian and New Zealand institutions through Study Options every year.

You can find out more about what Study Options does in the accordion below and also on the Study Options website.

How can we help?

See the accordion below for details of what we do to help you.

Information and advice

Providing information on what courses are available and which might suit you best is a key part of what we do. Regardless of what stage you’re at – whether you know nothing at all about Australian or New Zealand universities, or have already narrowed things down to a shortlist – we’re here to help. First, we have degree lists for hundreds of subject areas. Each one lists all the degrees available in a subject, and gives the key details for each – course content and structure, entry requirements, tuition fees, application deadlines, professional accreditation (if applicable) and so on. Once you’ve got all the options in front of you, let us know if you’d like help deciding – we offer free advice to help you choose which universities and courses are right for you. If you’d like to check out a particular university’s prospectus, let us know, and we’ll send it out.

Putting you in touch with the universities

Australian and New Zealand university staff visit our offices regularly throughout the year and you can book an appointment to speak to them one-on-one, either in person or on the phone. We also hold Australian and New Zealand University Open Days in June each year, travelling to five UK cities. Find out more about this annual event at www.studyoptionsopendays.com

Sorting out the paperwork

Once you’ve decided which universities you want to apply to, we will send you all the application forms you need, plus a checklist of the supporting documents required. If your chosen course has any extra requirements – such as a portfolio, evidence of work experience, or a statement of purpose – we’ll let you know. We will also point out any specific application deadlines.

Making an application

Once you are ready to apply, send your completed applications to our offices in London or in Bristol. We check to make sure that everything is complete and correct before sending them off to the universities for assessment. We’ll make certified copies of your academic documents to include with your application, and return the originals to you by recorded delivery. Like everything else we do, this is a free service.

Getting an answer

After making certified copies of your documents we will submit your applications, either by email or by uploading them directly to the admissions systems online. This ensures that applying via Study Options is actually quicker than any other means. As we’re the official UK and Irish representative for Australian and New Zealand universities, applications sent by our office are also fast-tracked through the admissions process, so you’ll get a response more quickly than if you applied directly.

The practicalities

Applying through Study Options reduces the risk of being rejected because of a mistake on your application form, or a query on your academic background. If the admissions teams require more information or need to question something, they will contact us for clarification, so you’ll get a chance to explain whatever the issue is. If you have an issue further down the line – a last-minute change of heart about your course choice, or when you want to start, for example – we will liaise with the university for you to sort it out.

Help at each step of the process

From deciding where to apply and making applications to accepting a place, couriering important documents over to Australia or New Zealand, help with applying for a student visa, sorting out accommodation and setting up a bank account before you leave, we’re always here to help. If you have any questions, at any point, just call or email one of the team.

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