Teddy Cesar R. Morados Jr.

Bachelor of Nursing

Teddy Cesar R. Morados Jr.

“What was once a dream is now a reality.”

I have dreamed of coming to Australia. This is because I wanted to give myself a future, utilise my profession - as a nurse and help my family. All of these were realised when my relatives from Australia generously opened their doors and informed me about the possibilities through studying at the University of Canberra.

The pictures of the University in the brochures are just a façade. There is more to it than what meets the eye. When I first stepped foot at the University of Canberra, I experienced the state of the art learning facilities, electronic ways of communications with teachers, student I.D. card usable as a debit card in shopping malls all over the world, international orientation freebies, online learning in case you missed the class and most of all valuable education - all these and more await you if you decide to study at the university.

University of Canberra’s Nursing Department has a well-equipped nursing skills enhancement facility. What you see in hospitals is what you can experience at the universities skills enhancement laboratory. In general, the experience of being an International Student is beneficial as we can acquire the following after graduation: Australian credentials, international placements, work experience, continuing professionalism with quality Australian education and if we are lucky employment after graduation.