Sakile Mamutse (Zimbabwe)

Studying the Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Newcastle

“I chose to study at Newcastle because it was in a coastal city which promised to be vibrant. The University’s location makes it possible for me to balance my life and studies without compromising one or the other.

“The best thing about my programme? It’s highly interactive. It’s problem- and evidence-based, so it allows me to develop skills individually. The teachers don’t just feed out information; they encourage us to think for ourselves.

“I think my nursing degree will help me tremendously with my communication, which is one of the major skills you have to have in order to be able to implement care. Also, problem-solving skills are a great thing to have in any situation in life and I feel that my programme has really equipped me well in that sense. Also, Newcastle’s nursing degree is recognised worldwide, which means that I can be as mobile as I want in my career – the sky is the limit for me! 

“The support you receive from the University – in both academic and personal terms – is excellent. It is one of the things that I rely on as an international student, far away from home and with no close family around.

“What would I say to anyone thinking of coming to study here? Congratulations on making a great decision! The University of Newcastle really is exceptional, in my opinion, in producing high quality graduates and citizens of the world.