Rathana Keo (Cambodia)

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

Rathana Keo

"There are several reasons that compelled me to come to Australia and study at the Carnegie Mellon University...

Firstly, it is a world-class university that has been ranked among the top tier. I felt that the education provided by such a high-ranking university could leverage my employment prospects in the future.

Secondly, Carnegie Mellon University Australia offers the kind of specialization that I am always passionate about: Public Policy and Management. With a political science background and some experience in handling development projects with the UNDP, the education at CMU-A could further broaden my horizons in the field.

Thirdly, it is the Australian culture and place that attracted me. Studying at the Carnegie Mellon Australia is like ‘killing two birds with one stone’. In addition to a world-class American education, I could also enjoy the Australian culture. Finally, the executive-style learning environment that Carnegie Mellon Australia offers fits me very well. Given its small-size classes, I could enjoy full attention and support from the faculty members and student services.

Overall, the quality of education has exceeded my expectations.

There is enough pressure on the workload to keep students very busy, but I like it because it stimulates real-world experience. I feel that I have become very productive achieving a lot of quality work using less time. One thing that I like most about learning at the Carnegie Mellon Australia is its practical approach to education. It is based not only on textbooks alone, but the students also involve in real projects. So at the end of the day, I can see the end-result of what I have learnt in class. And also it feels great to know that our clients love the work we produced. Right now, we are doing a cape-stone project for the Renmark Irrigation Trust in South Australia.

The project is challenging, but we are confident that we can successfully complete it by the end of this semester because ‘our heart is in the work’."