Niall O’Loughlin (Ireland)

Industrial Design (International Exchange program)

Niall O’Loughlin

Niall is an Industrial Design student from the Dublin Institute of Technology, who came to the University of Canberra on the International Exchange programme.

"Living in Canberra was a monumental change to my life in Ireland as I now living independently for the first time in a city where it was up to 30°C in the day and I could wake up each morning to the sounds of exotic birds and the sight of kangaroos playing only meters from my room window.

"Settling in to my new life in Australia was made very easy with the help of the professional staff at the University of Canberra which got me off to a great social start and helped me build a solid body of friends from an early stage.

"Through my international friend, I gained endless amounts of new knowledge about different cultures, languages, traditions and most favourably foods, and fortunately had the chance to try traditional dishes from a lot of countries.

"The University itself exceeded my expectations form day one with intriguing course subjects, an amazing workshop facility and excellent level of lecturing that was constant throughout the whole semester. Due to these high standards, I felt the need to impress which has raised my GPA and left me with a high standard of design work, which I look forward to adding to my portfolio. "