Bahar Forghani (Iran)

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

Bahar Forghani

Twenty-five year old Bahar Forghani is from Kerman City in the south east of Iran.

Bahar is studying the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM) 21 month programme at Carnegie Mellon University Australia.

“The area I am from is considered one of the ancient regions of Iran with valuable historical vestiges discovered there,” Bahar says.  

“The history of human settlement in the territory of Kerman dates back to the 4th millennium BC.”

Prior to coming to Adelaide, Bahar studied an undergraduate degree in insurance management.

“I studied at one of the famous universities in Tehran,” she says.

“I worked in different insurance companies as a Liability Insurance Expert and Life Insurance Consultant.”

Bahar decided to study at CMUA to develop her skills.

“I was interested to develop my skills and abilities in policy making and development, and also to study in an area with different cultures,” she says.

“The thing that I really like about this programme is that the courses are practical. The projects and assignments that the professors ask us to do are based on real-life experience and help us to apply what we have learned.”

“I aim to work for international companies that focus on environmental issues and also cooperate on international development projects.”

“I appreciate that Carnegie Mellon is helping me gain professional experience, improve my skills and teaching me to believe that I can be part of change.”

Bahar says she enjoys living in South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide.

“I like Adelaide because of its natural attractions and the peace that I could find here,” she says.

“Also the people are really friendly and kind.”