Adriana Espejo (Colombia)

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

Adriana Espejo

Colombian masters student Adriana Espejo is studying with one goal in mind – learn how to make decisions that benefit society as a whole.

Adriana left her hometown of Bogota, and job as a Tax Consultant with Deloitte, over a year ago to pursue the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM) programme at Carnegie Mellon’s Adelaide campus.

“I have always been interested in development and finding a way to help the Colombian people, especially those in Bogota” Adriana says.

“Bogota is a city full of diversity, culture and opportunities, but it has been growing very fast.”

“We are 7.5 million people from every region in Colombia. Many people have migrated to Bogota due to internal conflict and that is creating many challenges in terms of social and economic development.”

Adriana says undertaking the masters programme will help her to address such challenges.

“The MSPPM has a practical focus with a strong theoretical framework. The combination of public policy and management has given me a very broad vision which will allow me to apply my skills in many contexts,” Adriana says.

“I think I am equipped with the necessary tools which will allow me to perform in the public as well as in the private sector with a strong emphasis on the community,” she says.

“I hope to work in positions where I am able to make decisions, because I consider I have all the capacity and willingness to work for the common welfare.”

Adriana hopes to spend some more time in Australia undertaking work experience after she graduates, before heading back home to Bogota.

“Currently I am working with Coffey International Development and it has been a wonderful experience. But I do not forget Colombia,” she says.  

“I will continue learning to be even more prepared to help my country.”